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Worked on a Hi-res assets for the end user Mooney. The concept of the project was to allow customers the freedom to visually select interior color schemes before ordering. A hi-res model was made and each part was rendered separately allowing the web team designers to over lay colors for each part. The end product was an easy to use customization tool for customers.

mooney3 mooney2

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American Greetings

American Greetings hired me to produced low poly models for a promotional, viagra interactive web site that allowed users to color object in real-time and send them to others.

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Kongsberg Maritime

Contracted as a freelance 3D artist to build ships and assets for Kongsberg Maritime for one year in 2008, approved health I have been kept on ever since.


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As a freelance Consulting Agent for VT MÄK I was hired to Enhancing visuals to aid in real-time rendering for VR-Vantage. VR-Vantage uses the most modern image rendering and shading techniques to take advantage of the increasing power of NVIDA graphics cards.

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